Affiliate Program

The idea is simple - Drive traffic to CrunchyFashion and get paid for it!

Through Social Media

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Social Media Users

We all love to share photos and new discoveries with our friends. What if we could earn money just by sharing? Imagine you see a earrings on Crunchy Fashion that you love. You think it's great and you share it with your friends on Facebook. The earrings costs Rs 200/- and your commission is 15%. One of your friends sees your post on facebook and visits Crunchy Fashion. She likes the earrings as well and buys it for Rs 200/-. Then we receive Rs 170 (85%) and pays you Rs 30 (15%) via cheque just for sharing it with your friends. It's that easy to share and make money.


Do you like to write reviews, find new discoveries and share style tips on your blog? What if you could earn money on everything that you write and everything that you post? As a blogger you decide what you want to write about. Why not use Crunchy Fashion to add value to your posts. Imagine you are writing a blog post about Crunchy Fashion New Collection. You write the content and then visit Crunchy Fashion to find a couple of great images to go with it. You add the images and links from the HTML code generators on Crunchy Fashion and post the entire article on your blog. One of your follower's reads the article and clicks on one of the New Collection images. The reader likes the design and buys it from Crunchy Fashion. The item costs Rs 1,000 then you will get 15% commission on the sale of this product and is paid to you via cheque simply for writing about things you love and adding links from Crunchy Fashion. Blogger have also the chance to win the Jewel Box of worth Rs. 999/- to Rs 1499/- on the basis of blog content quality.

Website Owners

Would you like to earn more money from your banner advertising? You own your own website and use the top and side banners as Advertising space. You visit Crunchy Fashion and take banner and product images from the HTML code generators to fill your ad spaces. A visitor to your website clicks on the banner which directs them to Crunchy Fashion. The visitor finds a design they like and buys it for Rs 3000. The design costs Rs 3000 and Rs 450 (15%) is directly paid to you via Cheque. We will also provide some special coupon for your website customer as well.

Affiliate Network

Did you know that you create your own affiliate network on Crunchy Fashion? You can get your friends, your followers, your bloggers or anyone to join your network and start earning money for you. Start by creating your own Crunchy Fashion Affiliate Network using your link. You then invite people to join your network as a Crunchy Fashion Affiliate. As a member of your network you earn a commission on everything they earn.

Imagine you invite a friend to join your Crunchy Fashion Affiliate Network. They sign up to your network and become a Crunchy Fashion Affiliate. Your friend then earns a commission from a sale. As a member of your network you get 5% for inviting them and your friend gets 15% for making the sale. Now imagine that you have 300 friends, followers and members all earning commissions for you. The bigger your network grows, the bigger your commissions will be. It's that easy.

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