6 Must Have Statement Necklaces That You Should Be Wearing Right Now !

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by Himanjali Singh | Posted in September | No comments yet. | 17476 views on this post


Wanna simply make a strong style statement ?!  Lets add a lil spark to the basic outfits by teaming it with the season’s hottest statement necklaces. 2015 has all been about making statements and here are a few selected must haves to obsess about that should be in your wardrobe right now to create an instant impact. So pick the boldest colourful piece of neck candy and give it a go.


Add some funk in your weekend outfits by  wearing a bright colorful multilayered piece over a loose laid back tee and a skinny jeans or denim shorts. Don’t forget the glasses B)

You can buy it here : http://bit.ly/1KftQao


To dates to parties to office  to X Y and Z, this hell of a beauty brings sunshine to you each time you are confused what to pair up with your outfit because hey! You can never go wrong with a classic golden spark necklace. Any color any dress style solids or prints, this stunning statement piece is gonna make you look JUST FAB! Perfection.

You can buy it here : http://bit.ly/1FfoZHc


Oh the colors ! A colorful statement on a black or white is just unbeatable.  Add an air of rejuvenation  to your outfit with this colorful lively fashion marine spike necklace and pop up !

You can buy it here : http://bit.ly/1LxBdYR


Go double denim ! Team this fatal attraction necklace beauty with a denim on denim for a casual gorgeous look. Travelling?! Or Heading for shopping?! Or meeting up old friends?! Or bla bla bla… do yourself a favour and tuck your high waist jeans on your denim shirt and wear this pastel beauty over it. This look fits into every place u go ! 

You can buy it here : http://bit.ly/1UUoO64


Chains Chains and more chains ! Wearing a sleeveless outfit with a deep neck? Well! you might wanna jazz it up with this Bunch of Strings Necklace to bring out the fierceness in your look. Whether it’s a V-neck top or a maxi dress this jewel piece looks cool and exotic at the same time.

You can buy it here : http://bit.ly/1Ffr1qO


Party tonight?! The golden matt finish will offset every other jewelry in the room beautifully. Every girl needs some sparkle in her life and this glittery piece is going to pretty much make it all jazzed up for you.  So Shine…Smile :)

You can buy it here : http://bit.ly/1KfLvio



So these were your 6 must haves this season ! Dont miss out on any of the styles above because hey! In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different <3 

Stay tuned for more on Fashion, Styling and Latest trends.  









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