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A scarf is a piece of cloth that is tied or wrapped around one’s neck, head, shoulders, or waist. This type of garment is worn for warmth, fashion, or even religious or cultural reasons. Typical scarves are used to keep warm during cold months as well as to keep one’s hair clean in dry and dusty climates. This versatile piece of clothing has been worn by movie stars, heads of state, religious leaders, and many more.

History of the Scarf:

The first recorded scarf in history belonged to Queen Nefertiti of Egypt who paired it with a conical headdress back in 1350 B.C. In China, evidence of fringed scarves are seen on sculptures dated to 1000 B.C. In Rome, at around 10 A.D., it was customary for people to wear a sudarium, or a linen kerchief, which acted as a sweat cloth around the neck or waist. However one looks at it, scarves have been an important part of history for thousands of years. Today, scarves are still an important part of world wardrobes for practical, decorative, and cultural reasons.

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