Jewelry Care Tips

How to take care Fashion Jewelry

1.      Keep your jewelry away from the following as much as possible:

          a.       Water, lotion, perfume, or other harsh chemicals

          b.       NEVER wear jewelry in the pool or ocean

          c.       When NOT wearing, keep in a jewelry box or pouch


2.      Do not use soap/water or jewelry cleaner to clean your costume jewelry. I recommend that you use Windex® or equivalent. Just spray & rinse under the sink with water & wipe away any excess until dry.


3.      ESPECIALLY NEVER USE SILVER JEWELRY CLEANER – it has a mild acid and will ruin your fashion jewelry and strip the finish in seconds!


4.      Fashion Jewelry is best worn for occasions – If you are the “I never take it off & wear it everyday”  type of person - your jewelry will not last as long as someone who wears their jewelry every now & again. I often relate jewelry to clothes. Someone who wears the same shirt everyday can not expect it to last as long as someone who only wears the item once a week.


5.     In time, if your jewelry has lost its luster – don’t despair - consider recycling it by using the beads, charms or chains for a variety of craft projects. Beads can be reused to make earrings, link chains can be cut and used as necklace extenders, charms can be use in scrap booking projects or as pet tags or hot glued to accent just about anything!


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